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Elder Cottage Program

Tuesday, November 2nd - Lackawanna County AAA will begin accepting applications 11/5 from area residents interested in securing two “tiny homes” through a program that offers older residents an alternative to nursing homes or similar facilities


INSIDE AGING : Newsletter

Tuesday, November 2nd

November Topics Include:
-Providing Care and Support for Family Caregivers
-PA MEDI: Free Counseling Available
-Aging Network News
And More!



Energy Assistance Options

Monday, November 1st - Calling all your utilities: electric, natural gas, water, wastewater and telecommunications is a good first step if you're struggling with utility bills. Each company may have different programs or resources available to help you. #CallUtilitiesNow is the best way to identify what help may be available to you, your family and your business.

White Landline Earpiece


Monday, September 27th - Please be aware that as of 10/4/21, we are changing our phone system. Please click view more to read about the new system.